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Delosperma cooperi (Trailing Hardy Ice)
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Delosperma cooperi

Trailing Hardy Ice

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​Rosy-pink daisies are produced from June through September above a dense mat of succulent foliage that hugs the ground no more than 3” high. Easy to grow and drought-tolerant, it is lovely cascading over a wall, edging the front of the border, as a ground cover, or as a container plant.  There are several plants carry the common name of "ice plant," but this species, Delosperma cooperi is a warm-weather perennial with intense red-purple flowers. It is often used as a spreading ground cover in sunny areas, where it flowers virtually all summer long. A sizeable range of closely related Delosperma species is also available, offering flowers in colors including yellow, orange, scarlet, pink, magenta, and bi-colors. The name "ice plant" derives from tiny hairs on the plant that reflect light in a manner that resembles ice crystals. The foliage is fleshy and succulent-like and morphs into a darker color as fall temperatures drop. In the southern part of its range, it may be evergreen.Individual plants often spread as much as 24 inches, although some instances of 3 or even 4 feet across are reported. It is used most often in sunny but sheltered desert gardens, rock gardens, or slopes or as a ground cover or edging plant. This plant can be invasive in some areas, so caution should be used when planting it.


2-3 Inches


18 Inches


5 - 9

Characteristics & Attributes for Delosperma cooperi

Full Sun
Soil Moisture
Average Water
Dry Soil
Foliage Color
Season of Interest
Border or Bed
Container/Hanging Planter
Rock Garden
Zone 8
Zone 6
Zone 9
Zone 7
Zone 5
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