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Design Ideas

Treadwell perennials are great in your garden, in your yard, along pathways, walkways, edgings, or stone walls and patios...
...Use some heavy-treading Treadwell, almost as good as a lawn! Scatter liriope to compliment your lawn; throw a few next to a stairwell, or just plant Treadwell liriope throughout your turf for a beautiful green landscape! From sagina between your stepping stones to sedum along the bricks, Treadwell perennials compliment any walking space. Along the edge of your garden or as an edging to your driveway or sidewalk, you can't go wrong with Treadwell perennials. Spice up your stone wall with a few flats of treadwell. Compliment the beauty of a stone wall garden and defy the norm with Treadwell perennials draping your stones. The possibilities are endless!

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